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Godchildren are a Blessing: How to Select a Godparent

Godchildren are a Blessing: How to Select a Godparent

Godchildren are a Blessing: How to Select a Godparent

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from Him. - Psalm 123:3

Godparent’s Role is Very Important

Being a Godparent is an important job not to be taken lightly. Your precious child is counting on you to pick the right Godparents. Many people believe that being a Godparent is a “title” only. They behave as if they are accepting an award and when the Baptism is over, the award ceremony is over too. This is tragic for the little child who is then neglected by the “Godparents”.

The parents need to prevent this from happening by making sure they select a Spiritually mature person in the Catholic Faith. This person needs to understand what a Godparent’s role is. In other words, when a person takes on the commitment of being a Godparent, they should understand that it is one of the most meaningful and important responsibilities will ever be asked to undertake. Being a Godparent is a tremendous honor and responsibility and should be taken very seriously.

What Should You Think About When Selecting a Godparent?

            When you choose a person to be your child’s Godparent there are several things you should think about. These are only a few factors to take into account. Perhaps you can think of more that will help you make your decision.  

  1. Does the prospective candidate attend Mass regularly? Also, are they in good standing with the Church?

  2. Is this person someone you see as a Christian Role Model? In other words do they behave in a Christian manner at all times?

  3. If this person is a family member, are they currently living as a good Catholic or are you hoping that they will mature and become a good Catholic in the future?

  4. Are you being pressured by family members to choose someone just because they are related to you (mom, dad, or brother; etc.)? This usually doesn’t turn out to be a good long-term Godparent unless they meet #1, 2, and 3 above.

  5. Does this person have emotional or addiction problems?

Interview the Godparent Candidate

If you feel that you have carefully considered the candidate then you should interview them before you invite them to be the Godparent. Remember it is better to find out information and not be sorry later.

  1. Tell the candidate that it is important to you that they take an active role in the child’s life. Make sure they understand that you want them to be involved.

  2. Ask them if they will take a spiritual role in the child’s life. Will they pray for the child and be a Spiritual witness to the child?

  3. Make sure that they are excited and capable of taking on this responsibility. If the person feels obligated rather than excited, they are not the right person.

  4. Remember that friendships end sometimes, and then the child might be left without a participating Godparent. Discuss the ramifications of the Godparent moving or becoming distant. Make sure they understand this is a lifetime commitment.

  5. Make sure that they understand that a monetary commitment is not necessary. The Godchild doesn’t need gifts, but the Godchild does need prayers, cards, phone calls, and love.

These are only a few suggestions in helping you to choose a Godparent. Remember, the Church does not allow you to replace a Godparent if it doesn’t work out.  Make sure you put a lot of thought into this decision. Most importantly, put a lot of prayer into this decision! Ask our Lord and the Blessed Mother to help you select the best Godparent for your precious gift from God!

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